Glory Downs Farm

Glory Downs Farm

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Sound of-

There are certain sounds that excite certain types of people.

For instance. 

Someone who lives on the West Coast my have their heart beat faster when they hear the sound of crashing waves.

Someone from the Midwest might love the sound of the crickets chirping in the corn fields on the dusk of a summers eve.

Someone from the South might love the sound of gasoline being thrown onto a bonfire thats cooking their can of beans.

Well a Yankee from the North loves the sound of a tree being felled.

Here is a video from today, of one of our giant oak trees being taken down.

This beauty had served better days but was resting her broken limbs a little too close to our house. The wood will be able to be used after being cut and split so nothing goes to waste. There are certain sounds that remind you of certain parts of your life you love. A tree being taken down just warms my cold New England heart.

*Snif *Snif! They growd up so fayst!

This weekend the "chicks," will be just shy of four months old- already!  And they have been living for about a month now in their own coop and yard next to the rest of the flock. But as of Saturday, the barrier between them will be taken down and they will hopefully learn to live in harmony. East and West Germany sort of thing......maybe I'll play some Pink Floyd to celebrate as we ....knock down the wall....

Here's some pics of them today.

Hildago giving me his pissant look. Mr. Elam Ferguson in the back, Miss Lilly is the yellow hen, and of course Madea had to peek in the picture.
Mr. Bohanan standing next to Miss Ruth.
Hildago inspecting the camera....still not sure whether to attack or not. Mr. Elam Ferguson in the background looking proper. Miss Lilly and Madea showing their tail feathers.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Like those big comfy sweatpants.

This past weekend was something else.

"Where God closes a door, He opens another."

And I found out He is there waiting, and holding up those big, comfy sweatpants, that you love so much.  The kind you slip into- don't worry if you look cute in them, eat ice cream, crash on the couch,  watch your favorite TV show, and drift off into blissful slumber- kind of sweatpants.

This weekend God handed me just those very ones.

The whole Farr family got together for Thanksgiving week.  The whole family. ALL 31 members of this amazing family together under one roof. And that roof happened to be ours.  We have been looking forward to this past week for months now.  It hasn't happened ever quite like this. All the children, and their children, eating, celebrating, dancing, and sharing laughter.  It was quite possibly the best Thanksgiving.

I won't go into too many details on the entire get together, but I do want to share the one thing that really stuck out to me. Its the whole "God closing  door and opening another," sort of thing.  what I actually mean by "He was waiting to hand me those comfy sweatpants."

You see I have been pretty candid on what I have been learning, and processing as a new Mom, and not without backlash.  But I haven't been so candid or open as to what I am learning as a Christian, and that has been somewhat purposeful. Long story short- this past summer, fall, and now this emerging winter, have been a pivotal point in my life and walk as a Christian.  I feel as though I am relearning the importance of "whats really important," in life.

You'd rather have 4 quarters, than 100 pennies.

I used to think that a 100 pennies was what was important.  The whole quantity over quality thing.... How many people would like me? Boy- that was important.

But I learned that even though you think people may "like," you, they don't ever really love you. And love is way more important than being liked by someone.

But now that God has gifted us with this little spitfire of a gal, its her popularity contest that I want to win. Its her love I want to obtain. I have mentioned this previously..

Ok so get on with it Lauren ....about the sweatpants analogy...

Family- that's quality.  That's where its at.  It isn't about popularity. It isn't about whether you are worried about being liked. It isn't about mistrust, backtalk, gossip, or pettiness. Its about the love you all share together.
Its like a picture you all "like," together on facebook.

I really realized that this past week.  I am astounded by just how MUCH love there is in this family.

My sister in laws. Wow
They are the kinda of girls that you have to do a double take on.
They are gorgeous.
And not just gorgeous but genuinely lovely.
They all love openly, and fully. They make you feel good when they see you.  They are interested in how you have been. They talk to you sweetly, and they listen intently.  They make you feel you are home on the days you are homesick.

And my brother in laws.
Full of laughs, and true gentlemen.

What I saw this weekend was the actual pride (and that's not in a bad way) they had to have a new niece.  There was no popularity contest. There was no fake smiles, or half assed hugs. It was all real. Rev was a new member of the family and she was welcomed, loved, and embraced fully. She's the new Farr:)

What a lucky girl she is.

So in these days, where my focus has not been on winning the popularity contest amoungst peers but instead on developing a relationship with my daughter and enjoying her EVERY second. I'm seeing  just how much my family is and always will be my true friends.  That's all we need.

This weekend was a glimpse into my past.

The Caplette family get together with a million cousins running around, yelling, screaming, eating candy, and being kids.  All our aunts and uncles together being their fun selves.  I was catching a glimpse into what MY childhood was like, and seeing the future of what Rev's childhood will be like.

Watching all my nieces and nephews while catching up with sister and brother in laws, made me feel as though God had handed those big comfy sweatpants to me.

Here you go- put them on.
Be comfortable.
Feel cozy.
Be yourself.
Don't worry about looking perfect
Cause you are loved.
Just the way you are.
That's why you have this family.

This Thanksgiving I am so thankful for the memories made. I am thankful to God giving me the eyes to see that true love, and caring comes not from so and so who you know thru so and so- but it comes from the people who He knitted together to walk thru this life with.

I look forward to more memories like this. For Rev to grow up knowing Uncle Marc Bob and Auntie Bumba, Auntie M, Auntie Nicole, Auntie Michelle, Uncle Rob, Uncle Matt, and Uncle Dave, Auntie Des Des, and Uncle Martin and Auntie Meg and Uncle Jomph- Knowing Uncle Beer;) and Aunt NeNe, Aunt WoWo, Uncle Jase and Auntie Allegra, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Eric, Uncle Charlie and Auntie Cara, and all the cousins!

 I love all of you- and thank you for loving us<3

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh How I've Woken Thee, Let me List Thy Ways..

So on more than one occasion I have woken up David from a deep slumber in some pretty dramatic ways. Last night was the probably the most interesting.....

I went to bed wearing a giant hoodie and a pair of Davids sweats.  Baggie clothes = ultimate comfort in so many ways..... So as I slept on my side feet curled up, my baggie hoodie hung open in the back.

I woke up (rather quickly) to something "giant scratching up my back.  I did what probably looked like a pretty impressive olympic move without waking David or the baby and ended up in a sittin postition when I felt the scratching crawling up my leg.

Two thoughts popped into my head.

1. This is a giant bug.
2. Nope. Its a mouse.

(this all took place in less than ten seconds)

I had (in the time it took to do my olympic move and have the nerve endings on my leg transport the message to my brain at 2a.m., yes 2,) grabbed the clump of mouse traveling up my pants.


I woke up David.

"David!?  Theres a mouse in my panst!?!?"
"David what do I do I have a mouse in my pants?!"

It took David more than ten seconds to wake up.

By then I realized that the crunch I felt was a mere back adjustment that I had given the mouse, and not the blood and guts kind of crunch.

It was still alive.

So as we snuck out of bed, ( I took off my pants as David held onto the mouse still in them) and we ran downstairs and chucked the thing off our porch (I had another pair of pants on by this time)

As the little mouse flew threw the air it sommersaulted, landed with a thump, and promptly- took off.

So this adds to the list of ways I have woken up David.

1. David! Theres water pouring into the house. (This was a month into living at our house at 6a.m. waking up to a giant thunderstorm and failed gutters dumping alllllllll the water into our bedroom and down the hall.)

2.  David! The bees have swarmed! 8a.m. ( first time it happened and my heart broke.  Now it seems they do this every other Sunday.)

3. David! Were having a cub!  (Sept 20th at 8 a.m.....sigh:) )

4.  David the hens have gotten attacked (thrice.)

5. David....theres a mouse in my pants.

Something I never thought I would be able to say.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lil Mamma

It was during the last two months or so of pregnancy that our dog Independence wouldn't leave my side.  

I read that animals can sense a change of sorts about to take place, and so I welcomed Indies constant company, and her working six sense.

But it wasn't until our daughter was born did Independence's dependency on her new found friend become so apparent.

At first we kept a close eye, and guarded Reveille in every way we could.  We let Indie know that this "was ours."  But as the weeks have turned to months the friendship between the two is undeniable, and really something to watch.

Each morning Reveille wakes up and I bring her down stairs, the first thing she looks for is her Indie.  who just so happens to be sitting at the bottom of the stairs waiting. A big smile comes across her face, and she just lights up. Indie dances.
When Reveille goes down for a nap, Indie waits outside her door. When she takes a bath, Indie comes into the bathroom. When she's playing on the floor Indie lays as close to Rev's blanket as she possibly can without being on it.
Indie makes Reveille laugh.  Really laugh.

The first night we had Reveille home Indie slept on the hard, cold floor, beneath her bassinet.

And this picture is Indie waiting (behind the baby gate) on the stairs while her friend rest comfortably for the first time today because of a bad cold.

It seems our little Independence's dependency on mothering her friend is something from the heart.

......and they say dogs have no soul?