Glory Downs Farm

Glory Downs Farm

Friday, March 30, 2012

It was lovely having lunch with you.....

Mr. Cardinal really has been enjoying the bird bath lately. And its nice seeing this particular red coat out the kitchen window every morning.  

Is he very studious in his cleanliness you ask?


The bird bath is filled with bird seed.......

We have alot of squirrels that tend to knock over the bird feeders for seed, and in doing so destroy the feeders. So instead of shooing off the adorable rodents I work with them and put the seed in a comfortable reach- the bird bath.  The birds have caught on though- like Mr. Cardinal, that the bird bath is no longer a boring place to get your drink on, but instead a hopping gastro pub.

So while looking out the window today I saw our lovely Andy Dufrense escapee chicken having a luncheon with Mr. Cardinal.  Both seemed to enjoy each others company very much.

Yet, another lesson learned from nature.

Get along with whomever you meet- even if they look funny.

Friday, March 16, 2012

At least the walls weren't pink.

While sitting in the waiting room of the radiology department of the hospital, my emotions came crashing down.

I looked at all the women in the room waiting to hear the same answer as me. "Your all set. Go home and enjoy the day."

But as we all sat silent trying to look like we were thinking about something else other than the result of the mammograms and ultrasounds, I said some prayers for the women, as well as myself. And the tears just started to come....

I looked around and thought- at least the wall weren't pink.  Cancer isn't pink. It isn't fluffy, cute, and a color. It isn't a fad, or a shirt you can wear to show your support and then take off as you rest your head at night.

Cancer is dark.

I have a yearly check up with the radiologist (this time just an ultrasound because of our sweet baby's safety).  The yearly check up is due to the fact that I have two to three tumors in my breast that the doctors keep an eye on. I remember clearly the day after having my first mammogram the doctor calling me into the back room to discuss the need of surgery. Blessed for me- the tumors are non cancerous. But none the less after having a pretty large one removed three years ago, they need to be "kept in check."

Yesterday was the same ordeal but just a different part of the body.  I may be tan most of the year, love the sun, never burn, but I do have to have certain parts of my skin checked for cancer.  Yesterday happened to be that day. And as I sat in the office with the dermatologist scraping off something"suspicious," I could only think about how degrading cancer can make one feel.

Yesterday was also the day my midwife told me I had gestational diabetes.

I kept my head high yesterday. I praised Him for loving me, us, and our child so....., I even laughed about certain jokes said to lift my spirits.  I went to bed well rested knowing that I had done all that I could right by our child thus far. The diabetes was nothing I could have prevented. But darkness has a way of creeping in and stealing that joy. And steal that joy it did by morning.

As I sat in the waiting room at radiology and tears coming to my eyes, thinking how could I be so sad when just last night I was ok? I thought about last night and a particular moment that stood out fresh in my head.

My husband was outside grilling some food and I was inside cooking as well, when he rushed to the door and said "you gotta come hear this!"

Our buddy Ash had just left after eating eight hotdogs- a new record- so my mind immediately went to the thought of hearing him (or her) barking.  If you have ever heard a fox bark its both weird, and charming.  Thinking that I might hear Ash bark excited me and I ran outside.

What we heard was not Ash barking but a group of three to four kits across the street from us in the field, yipping away.  Kit cries are undeniably -just that- a kit crying.

I had been waiting for this moment. A little litter of fox pups in the field across from us!  We shown a flashlight over and sure enough- there were the little eyes peeping back at us!!!

Now I'm not sure if they are Ash's, but I want to lean towards the possibility that they are. We did not see Ash with them but I pray we will see them closer than just across the field.  And before we went to bed those little yips and yelps were coming from our back woods. No longer across the street but now on our property. Happy as can be yipping and yelping, and finding their voice in the world.

I was elated. Babies. The promise of life. Spring. Birth, Growth. Renewal.

So what does one story have to do with another?

As I sat, emotion filled, feeling like a failure to our unborn child, and awaiting the results of things beyond my control, I was reminded of this simple joy God gave us last night.

Here was birth, and newness playing, and seemingly unaware of the darkness around them.  Dancing as if they were seeing the sun.  And here I was- with a miracle inside of me, sitting, solemn, and letting the darkness get the best of me.

God brought these little kits in our night last night as a sign of His hope.  No fear is given to these new little lives, only care. How could I think that He would give us any less? How dare I feel sorry for myself, when all around me His promise of life is being represented as the spring buds burst forth from winters slumber?

Today was a hard day. I didn't feel good, and alot of that built up, hidden emotion came out. But I took God's gift of those little fox yips and replayed it in my mind and heart. I will again go to sleep tonight thanking Him for His love, creativity, and story that is written for us.

Thank you God for Your creation, may I forever look towards it as a painting of your love.<3

consider the lillies.

Another lesson learned in pregnancy....

Another lesson was learned yesterday about being pregnant. It was to never post anything on facebook, unless you want some un-helpful information and opinions thrown at you.

Now granted, there are some REALLY, REALLy nice comments sent your way, some great support, and even prayers said that you didn't ask for.  But all it takes is that one person to say that one un-helpful comment that can really ruin the rest.

Yesterday I found out that I have gestational diabetes.

Now before the assumptions begin about me eating ice cream 24/7 and gummi worms for dessert, let me explain.

Since becoming pregnant I have never eaten better in my entire life.  My only sweet tooth consisted of ice cream pre pregnancy, which luckily went away when I became pregnant.  I gave up SO many foods that even are "considered ok," while being pregnant just because I no longer viewed my body as my own.  I exsercise no less than three times a week, for no less than an hour each time.  Not only have I gained a belly bump- but muscles where muscles didn't exsist before.  I am not an over weight individual, I eat a salad for dinner ever night, and have gained the pin point amount of weight I am supposed to.  There is nothing you can do to prevent it- and sometimes you get it because its luck of the draw.

So why did my blood sugar test out of whack, during a glucose intolerance test?

Your guess is as good as mine.

But a opinionated word of advisement.

If you see a pregnant lady, please don't automatically share what you have on your mind about her image. Don't advise her about subject matter that you heard a friend of a similar situation go through, but you yourself know nothing about. Don't automatically assume she does nothing but watch Lifetime, and eat ice cream while weeping. Your stories- are sometimes very hurtful.

Be kind.

She is carrying a miracle from God. Whatever way this little miracle gets here is the way the miracle was supposed to come.
Whether its natural, with drugs up the wazoo- or  dududuuuuu!!! The "dreaded," C- section (gasp?!) Let that miracle come. Don't coax the mother into what you think "is right." Because above your opinion and advice- is God and His story He wrote for Mother and Child.

Please don't say anything- unless you have something nice to say.

Friday, March 9, 2012

"Its my Milkbone! And I want it now!"

If you or someone you know wants to get licked in the face. Please contact the Dog Offices of Indie and Harlem LLC,.

A love note I found from Indie to Harlem.....

This one is for Harlem with the boxin' system
Ears down, Runnin with the coolin' system
When she come up in the yard, she be wigglin' up
Got stacks on deck like she jumpin up

And she ill, she real, she might got a deal
She pop milkbones and she got the big kind of build
She fun, she dope, she plays tug-o-war with rope
She always in the air, She's been my fly coach

She a muthalovin trip, trip, sailor of the ship, ship
When she drools she make it drip, drip kiss anyone on the lip, lip
That's the kind of friend I was lookin' for
And yes you'll get lapped if you're yellin so...

I said, excuse me you're a hell of a dog
I mean my, my, my, my you're like butterfly, fly
I mean, you're so shy and I'm loving your sigh
You're like slicker than the dog with the thing on his eye, oh

Yes I did, yes I did
Somebody please tell her who the ruff I is
I am Indie two I smack them dogs up
Back wiggle butts up, and chuck the toys up

Harlem you got my tail be waggin' away
Hearts beatin like a drum and it's coming your way
Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom
Boom, badoom, boom bass?

She got that jowel face
Boom, badoom, boom
Boom, badoom, boom bass
Yeah that's thats Indie's pace

Seriously folks...... I don't know where she comes up with this stuff.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Look into our eyes..... handover our precious milkbones....Do as we say....or we will destroy all flip flops when you are asleep.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The girls had a great afternoon when our niece and nephew came to visit.

They had a blast running around with people their size!!!

Can't you tell:)

Seven Month Baby Bump!

Pensez-vous que l'hiver sera rude?

Our buddy is back......

A month and a half has gone by since we haven't seen his little, furry, black striped, sweet face. And I have to be honest in saying, that I was beginning to think that Ash had possibly moved on.

But I didn't give up hope. I was dreaming about him pretty regularly.  I thought it was possibly cause he was just on my mind so much. I missed him. I loved his nightly company. But when David told me that he had some dreams about him too- I knew that Ash was something important in our lives. He was more than just a wild animal getting an easy fill of food.

I was on the phone with my Mom last night talking about how for the past couple of nights- food had been disappearing from our porch again.

Yes, I still ( even though Ash wasn't showing) leaving scraps of meat on the steps in hopes that he would show and know that we still had an open door (and heart) for him.  If he didn't show the crows would get it in the morning, and I was ok with that.

But as I just mentioned, I noticed that food had disappeared from the porch before morning. "It had to be him!" I told David.  But David is the voice of reason, ad he told me it could possibly be a skunk now trained to eat hotdogs each night from our porch.  I said if it was a skunk, " then we now have a pet skunk."

But the other night, The hotdogs were gone within the hour of putting them out. And I just knew it had to be Ash- what other animal knew that when the porch gate was open, and the light on- that there would be supper ready?! Only Ash.

So after explaining this all to my Mom she came up with the great idea of putting some lime, or flour on the steps to see what animal tracks walk thru it.  Lime or flour wouldn't hurt the animal, and we would have our answer!

So after getting off the phone with her, my loving husband grabbed a cup of lime and walked out to the porch.  He made it to the door when he yelled - "He's here?!"

I ran.

My heart racing.

Outside sat out little friend. Beautiful as ever. Full tailed, and sweet faced. As if he never left us.

As you can see in the picture I can't wipe the smile off my face. Here he was back again on our porch eating some turkey meat (we had run out of hotdogs) looking at us with those big red eyes.

My heart is racing just thinking about it.

So why does this make me so happy? 

Why would a rather pesky animal to most people bring such joy to the Glory Downs Farm?

My only explanation is that God knows I see Him in all nature. 

I feel like He is sending this foxy companion as a reminder to how beautiful the natural world really is. How all creatures of Our God and King, can bring His love.  Its more than an animal drooling when he hears a bell ring (Pavlov) Its an animal warming our hearts and reminding us how sweet Our God truly is.

I look forward to hopefully seeing Ash again tonight. And I look forward to thanking God for the lovely treat that His reminder is<3

The Bee Doctor

When transporting potentially sick bees, its best to keep them in a ziplock baggie in case they puke. You don't want bee puke (which is actually honey) all over your dash would you? That stuff never comes out.

I've been observing the bee's on a regular basis now that they weather is warm, and they are getting busy.  Its nice to see any new pollen colors they are bringing in loaded to their bee knee's (true story, and true thing) and try to find out which kind of tree it has come from.  There is some sort of excitement that comes along with finding out another type of tree is now in bloom- and so early in the season too.

So upon observation yesterday (ooh that sounded smart) I noticed that the bee's have been coming in with red dots on their foreheads.  The more I watched the more I saw coming in with this war paint like dress.

My gut reaction said its "probably," pollen and not to worry- this IS the first spring I have seen bee's become active and awaken from winter slumber (gosh another smart sounding line). But my other gut (yes sometimes I have two) said "it could be mites."

Bee mites?


They get them too- 

Its kinda like bed bugs and lice combined forces.  The varrao mite in particular will lay eggs in the broods comb (typically drones) and when the bee hatched from its comb you will see these little red dots on the bee's furry back.  The mites seem pretty harmless, but what they do is suck the hemolymph out of the poor little bee. The bee's born with the mites nesting on their bodies will emerge from their comb with what looks like shriveled wings. Most of these bee's will be unable to fly, making them utterly useless to the rest of the hive, and only consuming food stores. Eventually this mite could devastate the colony in 12 weeks time. And you as a bee keeper will be shit out of luck.

Ok- so I thought, "instead of panicking and looking up on the Internet about mites ( which will only lead to doom and gloom, and weirdo beekeepers opinions) why don't I take a couple bee's to the vet.

Alright so there is no such thing as a vet for bee's or a bee doctor, but it got you to look this far at the blog post didn't it?
Keep reading please.
I took a couple of the gals that didn't quite make it into the hive last night, and froze up on the ground.  I grabbed the ones with the most red dots on their foreheads and put them in a baggie to drive down the street to the local beekeeper and supplier.

When I walked in I was immediately dropped into a conversation about how terrible the mites were over this past winter and how colonies in the area were being tormented by these red terrors.

I swallowed hard. Here I was walking into a bee shop with a baggie full of what could be the enemy of the conversation.....just a young (maturity wise) dumb (brain wise) bee charmer, with a baggie full of bee questions.

It was my turn next to ask the owner of the shop my question. I mustered up what courage I had and swallowed any pride (for the moment) and ask my question. "Pollen, or mites?"

The answer was what I wanted to hear. It was pollen. Seems to be these gals were working so hard that when they came back to the hive to drop off their pollen store, they would cram their little heads so far into the comb that they would get this nice orange/red pollen stuck to their heads. Thus- decorating them.  

I sighed relief. 

But as the bee keepers looked at my baggie full of bees, we all seemed to realize at once that the gals had warmed back up- and were buzzing about the bag. Some were even eating the pollen off of one another, all seemingly checking on each other to make sure everyone was "ok."

I looked at the beekeepers around me and I told them that I must leave to get these gals back to work. Some chuckled while other looked at me as if a slave driver and muttered their opinions.  This, I was prepared for because bee keepers are really weird, unusual people. (but thats a story for another day) 

SO I got home and let the girls go back to work. 

Happy as can beee.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why this is important.

"Together, we can fight a myriad of no feel goods!"

"Just ask the people who built the pyramids. They liked this stuff!
Sure they aren't around anymore, but they were smart enough to like honey and build things like pyramids.....surely they were smart about other things." "I, Honey, can do marvelous things of healing-like nature!" "I'm even good for your pets!" "Pets get allergies too!" "Whoofchoo!"

But I'm getting off point.

If this jar of honey could wear a superhero cape- it would.

Cycle, Inspire, Unite

Hey All! 

Cancer is not pink, its not a fashion statement, a passing fad, or a supporting bumper sticker on your car.  Its a terrible disease that needs a cure before it breaks our hearts anymore.   This is why I'm posting this blog. 

Cancer, hit home for us six years ago. Its been a long journey full of prayer and hope, and courage.  I know that I am not the only one affected by cancers ability to cloud our days.....  
Have you or a loved one suffered from cancer? I got a loving friend Gia, who is biking across America to raise money for cancer research. The proceeds go directly to researching for a cure to handing out hugs for the patients suffering. Here's how the donations help:
Cycle, Inspire, Unite: mission statement:

Here's how you can help GIa reach her goal: She is biking from Baltimore, to Seattle and needs just a few more bucks to get her there!

Sunny Side Day

As if heading to the beaches of Mexico, Andy Dufrense leaps from the roof of Fort Knox, after her daily escape from Shawshank.

Will she make it to Mexico and back to roost before the evening? Or will she just hang around the 
outside of the coop, eating worms, mocking the others still inside for their lack of risk?

Only Andy will know.