Glory Downs Farm

Glory Downs Farm

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee.

In tisaft's knockout brawl the final score was:

Harlem: 1 
Honeybee: 1

Yes folks, after three rounds that lasted a total of four hours it ended in a tie. Harlem put up a good fight nipping, and biting the air while the honeybee dodge gracefully but came back for more.
The fight ended when the honeybee packed the stinging punch into Harlem's now swollen jowel thus scoring it a point.

.......but because the honeybee didn't quite fair well after the sting, Harlem also scored a point.

Harlem has gotten the stinger out and is now resting comfortably thanks to a Benadryl.

Whats for Suppah?

Keeping frames of comb in your freezer? Makes total sense when you are  bee charmer!

A hotdog by any other name would taste as sweet?

A visit from our friend Ash proved interesting last night.

David was outside doing yard work and our dogs were on the porch resting when Ash strolled up the driveway. David went inside to get his hotdogs while he sat and waited.

Since the dogs were outside on the porch we would think that Ash would have run away and come back when dining was more- quiet. But alas, he stayed.

And since the dogs were on the porch and a fox was in the driveway you think that the dogs would freak out over that "weird red kitty cat thing who has a dish we can't reach." But alas, they didn't.

It seems in the matter of hotdog importance, the animals united in a unspoken unity.

Ash was not shy, but timid in reaching his dinner out of David's hands while in the driveway. And the dogs let out a quiet whimper in the inability to share the other end of the hotdog with this "weird red kitty cat thing," because of the gate blocking them on the porch. It seems as if they had no barriers between them, these two species would unite, dine casually, and chat of the quality of such a fine Walmart hotdog. The barriers of different animals species have no power when it comes to such a meal. Uniting over a common love.....should we be so smart?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beware. A Public Service Announcement.

If one disagree's with alien life form. Please take a moment to consider this. 

Now, before you say "Oh, Jeeze, its only a praying mantis!" I will politely, and preemptively answer you this:

This "mantis," does not look to be praying whatsoever. Instead I believe that he is quietly carving a hole into the side of the house with his mind, which he will (upon entering) steal all the household calculators and write messages on them. And these messages will not be fun and endearing but menacing and math-like.  He will then eat all of the chips out of your cookies, hide your pillowcases, and turn your toilet paper the opposite way of which you originally hang it. He will do all of this before returning to the deep space in which he was birthed at.

If you want to argue with me further I ask that you ponder the picture more. Notice a small and complacent stinkbug? Yes, yes, you do. The is his sidekick who does his bidding. This particular stinkbug was chosen out of all the millions that have started to invade earth because of his wonderful sewing abilities.  Why and how I know that is of no importance. But take heed fellow earthlings.....your cookies are not safe.

The Art Show

Wow! Just look at that artist so proudly standing next to her work. I wonder how long it took to delicately place all those small paintings on the wood floor canvas!

The Artist.

We were lucky enough to get to sit down and chat with the artist after their show. When we asked, "What was your inspiration?" They replied, "Blue skies, lollipops, and dirty socks."

Creative Impulses

The Young and The Restless.

No I don't mean the soap opera.(which can someone tell me why soap opera's are referred to as "opera's?" I don't see ANY singing, and they are often short on viking men and women belting out their lungs. Is it because of the over dramatized lifestyles and wonderously caked on make-up? Maybe.......)

Anyways- I in turn mean the dogs.
Both Young and Restless when their owners (people who feed them and whom they love to lick and riquoche off of-meaning us) are not home.

Our dogs- particularly Harlem, are incredibly skilled in the art of sleeping. If its raining- sleep. If its cold- sleep. If they played for a solid half hour- sleep. But...they are young, and this means, that they do, at times get restless.

Upon leaving them for a couple hours to go to a friends birthday, we left them resting peacefully in their doggie cubby. ( they have retired their crates and now have two- count them - two doggie beds stuffed into the entryway of our front door. Thus making this nice, pretty, cosy, and reasonably painted dog fort that they have now, own.) Thinking nothing of leaving our resting, boxer dogs of great maturity (mental) we were happy to go out.

When we got home we were greeted by their wagging bums and faces pressed up to the door excited to see us. We stood on our porch for a moment greeting them back (maybe doing the same as them) and admired how sweet and cute they just really are.

Then I turned the key in the lock.
And looked into our living room.

What did I see?

Let me paint a reasonable picture first.

Take a bunch of construction paper, and a Tyranosaurus Rex. Smear bacon grease on the construction paper and wave it in front of Mr. Rex's nose.

Let Mr. Rex at it.

I will now post pictures of our dogs destruction/artwork.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Agreeable friends — they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.

Ain't nothin like snack time with your best friend on a Friday afternoon.

Dogs are, after all, man's best friend. The least we can do is try to understand them a little better.

Friday, October 7, 2011

And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.

THE sun was up so high when I waked that I judged it was after eight o’clock. I laid there in the grass and the cool shade thinking about things, and feeling rested and ruther comfortable and satisfied. I could see the sun out at one or two holes, but mostly it was big trees all about, and gloomy in there amongst them. There was freckled places on the ground where the light sifted down through the leaves, and the freckled places swapped about a little, showing there was a little breeze up there. A couple of squirrels set on a limb and jabbered at me very friendly.

Two things have happened since last week-
One- the bee's are gonna make it
Two- Ash came back

So since my last post about the bee's things have done a sort of 180. Ok maybe not that much maybe like a 123.  You see, I can get PRETTY sentimental and overly sensitive about things that have fur or feathers. (Yup! Bee's got fur!) And after seeing all THAT damage in the hives upon my last visit I was pretty wounded. To recap (shortly) they had everything that could possibly go wrong with bee's go wrong with them. Short of a meteor falling on them but more on that later.
I checked the bee's on a Friday and the beekeeping supplier (and friendly mentor )was not open till Sunday. If you read the last post I was going to go to his store and seek out a non chemical beetle trap and some advice as to what to do about the bee's with withered wings.  When I went in on Sunday I asked him a question minus a hello. I said " Name something that can go wrong with a beehive." He answered, "A meteor could fall on it." I replied- "It hasn't yet but don't count it out." Then we got even more serious. I told him about the hive beetles as if I was confessing to having a bad case of projectile vomiting in public and he told me,"welcome to the club." Apparently, if you reside in the great Old Line State and possess beehives in your yard you will then seek and find hive beetles in them. -Simple equation intercedes- Beetle Traps. A cute little plastic container that clips onto any frame in the hive. Fill with mineral oil (don't drink it unless you want the green apple splatters) and put it in the hive. The beetles are attracted to the oil, and jump there merry way in only to find that the oil is ....not so merry after all.
As for the withered wings. " I have mites." Not me personally but the sweet golden gals. Once again a common thing for this here area. Ok. So, how does one treat them? Chemicals indeed. Ugh. Comes to find out though that the chemicals DO NOT harm the bee's, honey, or you. But instead fumigate the mites which will kill them. left untreated and the bee's will perish. 
Both hives treated. And will check them in one week.
As for our handsome little red coat.
He's back in full furred glory. And my oh my does he look good! 
It seems his meds have worked. He is less bony, full of fur, and his eyes are SO bright. Not only has our little friend returned and made a appearance, but he seems to have comeback with confidence as well.
For the last month he has been pretty sporadic in his comings. I'd leave food out and it might sit for three days. The rain didn't help much either (seemingly that he doesn't show up if its raining) but I was getting the feeling that our buddy has moved on and was looking for a mate. We could hear him barking in the woods and David spotted him down the street numerous times. But his steady nightly visits seemed to be a summer time memory.
Until Wednesday.
David was out around seven when it was just getting dark finishing up the lawn mowing, when up the driveway Ash comes! He sat at the steps waited for David to come over and then waited as David went inside to get him some food. When david came out he fed him some hotdogs and Ash just hung around. 
Needing to finish the yardwork David got back on the mower and Ash followed! Jumping in front of the lawn mower and hanging out!
Thursday night- seven thirty we are getting ready to run to the store and were actually talking about Ash when we walk to the door and there he is sitting at the steps waiting.
My heart gets as red as his coat.
And just tonight I sat outside with him feeding him his favorite. Admiring the beauty of this creature and the wonderful markings he carries.
He is stunning. So vibrant red with eyes to match. Black mouth with black boots. White tipped tail and whit on his ears. What a creature God has made!
My friends I encourage you- read the quote above again and again and again. Go outside tomorrow and look around. Think of whats happening beyond the concrete. Look at what is alive beside yourself. Breath, smell, feel the world. Grass is green right now, skies are brilliant, squirrels are storing up for winter. Corn is being cut for next years feed, horses are reveling in the sunny weather and lack of flies. Birds are cheerful and proud of the young who are now on their own, the trees have decorated themselves in a glorious show they have been working on since the birth of their green in the spring! Can you not see this? Do you not realize what life is doing whether or not you got your morning latte? If you cannot have the eyes to see the beauty that is.... I am sorry for you. Life is so much more than your own little world! How refreshing is it to step outside and be part of it!