Glory Downs Farm

Glory Downs Farm

Friday, July 29, 2011

I know what its like to be different


Welcome home!.......again?

Running back in

Re- entering


More chaos

Middle of the Middle tree

click on the image to see "some," chaos.

look for a dark clump


"Whats that coming out of her nose?" "Spaceballs!"

They did it again.

Half asleep, letting the dogs out- I heard the noise first.

I saw a small cloud get larger and larger, louder and louder. I looked up and not only were they in the spot they swarmed to before, but they formed two clumps.

As before, I woke up David (this time more gently and less abruptly) and we watched the swarm as they went back home.

Yes my friends, they swarmed out, collected, and then went back home.

This time I have no explanation.  I have done everything by the book (and mentors) and still they swarmed.  I'm very grateful they have come back but this leads me to think that these past two times have not been the only two times.

The site is still amazing- bee's covering your yard. Flying so heavy with honey they look like B52 bombers (and sound quite similar) One gals in fact wanted to collect in my hair. I didn't allow that.

I got the best pics I could- here they are to follow.

Am I defeated?
I have done what I can to make their home enjoyable. If this is their need then I have to go along with it. You can only "trick," nature so much before they make a joke out of you.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mr. Fox and Kylie Maybe?

So it wasn't our little Ash who done the chickens in.

How do we know?

Cause while David was outside grillin (chicken wings in fact) little Ash came running up to eat the tortilla chips that I had left out for the hens earlier.

In my mind he was bigger than what I remembered- but here he was at our back steps looking for his handout for his scrawny little butt.

He IS little- he's just a kit. No bigger than a small cat,-and skinny. The chickens have more meat on them than he does. Could he kill a chicken? I'm sure, if he tried real hard- but if he ate one (or six) just three hours ago wouldn't we see his belly bulging? Wouldn't he had stayed in, instead of coming to get his Fenway Frank? Would he have come back looking for tortilla chips?

Right up to the back step, knowing that there will be food for him he comes. Porch light on and all. Open the door and he looks at you.

So we checked him out, and fed him.....One hotdog and a piece of old steak and some tortilla chips And as I type he is still out there chomping his big hunk of steak.

David got the little bugger to eat right out of his hand.........

"Cause I'm little."

Little sad tonight, but our fox Ash is possibly sitting fat and sassy.
Maybe the nightly hotdogs were just not enough? You see, it started with him visiting one night and then every one there after. I thought if I gave him incentive to come to the porch to eat that he would leave well enough alone. But he knew where the hens lived and each night at ten o clock he would be visiting them.

Even though I was outside all day.
Even though the dogs were outside with me.
Even though the windows were open and I could hear clucking.

Only nine of our fifteen chickens came home.

Not much evidence of sorts, but a few feathers on the ground. Harlem took trail and brought David straight to where Ash is living. It is sad but what really can one do? I'm amazed it hadn't happened sooner. I am the biggest animal lover and I cannot be mad at little Ash for doing what he finds natural.  Being a wild animal, who grew bored of Nathans hotdogs.

But I am sad for my sassy little hens:(

Foxtrot, Madame, and David Ortiz have all survived the ordeal.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chapter too-

"Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." 
Proverbs: 16:24

It was time to split the hive.

If I wanted these bee's to stick around that is what I had to do....

and I was terrified.  

After seeing the bee's swarm, and after entering the hive and seeing the attitude of these sweet gals change into angry, moody, herd of emotional confidence level as a bee charmer had all but disapeared.

I sought the advice of five (count em) five bee keepers and this is the advice that they had given me. Split, split, split and do it ASAP!  
So what did splitting the hive entail?

It meant to go inside- deep into the brood boxes (gulp) and mess things up a bit. It meant to pull five frames out containing honey, brood in all stages, and the swarm cells that I had pictured previously, all while looking for the queen and making sure that she is not on one of these frames. It meant dismantling all the work the bee's had done and rearrange it a bit. It meant go in there- and face their tudes. It meant it was time for me to break down and get a bee suit, and quite possibly a suit of armor.  The bee's are not like they were begininng of the season- they are getting a little grumpier. Nectar flow is stopping, pollen is scarce and its hot as crap outside.  The bee's that were born four weeks ago are getting older. The older a bee gets the smarter a bee gets. And the smarter a bee gets the more attitude she can gain. Also- since the nectar flow is coming to a close, there is a lot of house bee's hanging around with no jobs to do. Quite literally, when you open the hive you are face to face with some youngins just chilling there wondering if they heard you knock or not. I was up against a massive colony, and about to embark on a task I had never done before, and haven't the slightest clue as how to do.

Jump to Sunday- ( we will skip the part about me pacing nervously for about 52 hours, losing sleep, and dreaming about the bee's.)

About 7:30 Sunday night my ever patient husband told me he was gonna help me do this. We talked about our game plan and got everything set up before we broke into the hive. We were geared up and took a couple shots. Not kidding.

Working with the bee's at this time of day was fantastic. They were quiet and tired from the heat of the day and they were gearing down to spend their night in.  I took the covers off and leaned them up against the new hive box ( that was facing a different directions and about 6-7 feet away) Immediatlely we wittnessed a cool act of nature.  The bee's marched right up the cover and into the box.  You see bee's like to walk upwards. (they are always thinking towards the Heavens) And in the moment we put that cover there against the new hive they went in. There was a line of them on top giving off the signal to say this is home, and their cronies marched and followed. There was no incentive in the new box yet- no comb, no brood, no queen. But as if they new what their new task was, they took too it fearlessly. How cool.

The most time consuming part of this whole ordeal was looking for her majesty.  We didn't want to move these frames with swarm cells over and include her majesty on them leaving one hive queenless.  There was ALOT of bee;s to look through- but we did it. We got five frames into the new hive box, and put five empty frames into the old one giving the bee's something to do. In in the past couple days of having this new hive to look at each morning I haven't let go of my breath.

Each morning while letting my dogs decorate the lawn, I watch these bee's.  The two hives that I had are lazily collecting water in this heat, and frantically propolizing anything in site. While the new hive sits quiet and dormant. Hardly any bee's coming out, and no bee's going in.

In the next three to four weeks I pray that a healthy queen emerges, and find a suitable suitor.  It is up to her to go out and find a mate, return to the hive and start laying. She has a great tasks ahead of her. She must lay enough brood to build a strong colony to help survive the winter. She must be of good stock and gentle nature to mind me going in every few days to check on her offspring and nursery. She must continue laying through the harshest of cold days, and emerge in the spring to begin the new season. She must do this and no one is asking her to.

These gals teach me something new everyday. They demonstrate hard work, and patience, love and tender care. Acceptance and loyalty, sweetness, and a sting.

I hope you enjoyed the story and as always I invite as many question as you want. They help me to learn and dig deeper in the understanding of these little buggers. I insist however that you don't refer to me as a bee keeper, because there is no keeping these bee's. They keep me:)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Swarm Cells- in that massive clump of bee's a new royal lineage is forming!

Sweet Baby Buckfast!

The Tale of Two Hives

(Oh Lord, How I praise You in your beauty of nature You provide! I humbly thank you for the opportunity to care for a force that can better care for themselves. You, Lord, are beautiful in all the Glory You have created!)

"Oh, Honey- just act natural!"

It was a hazy Friday morning when I awoke and began my routine-  My routine being, wake up, and let the dogs out to pee. Typically while they pee I stare at the beehives to see what they are up to.  On this hazy Friday morning- they had big plans......

My hive that sits on the right side (if facing them from the house) is my sweet baby Buckfast. They were my packaged set of bee's that I got first in April. Being my first set of bee's I naturally have a soft spot for them. And even thought they have given me troublesome comb buildings since day one- I find them most sweet and endearing....but on this very morning I watched as they became a force of nature.

I saw it first- their hive was a cloud of bee's. My gut reaction was quite literally "oh crap." I knew what they were doing, and even thought I have never seen it before- there was no mistaken that the bee's were swarming.

Now all joking aside a swarm is one of the worst things that can happen to a bee charmer.  It tells the charmer that you didn't do a good job and that you royally messed something up. You could have messed it up in the way of not giving them enough room. If bee's run out of room in the hive, being that they have filled all the frames up with comb, brood, and honey, they will high tail it out of there. It would be like you living in an two bedroom apartment, with 60 of your relatives- how long would you stick around for?  Another reason the bee's will swarm is if their lovely queen is failing. The queen could fail in the form of - not laying eggs, not releasing enough pheremone to let everyone know that she is queen, or the bee's for whatever reason just don't think she is good enough anymore. One of the last reasons they will swarm is if the bee's are being invaded by mites, wax moths, or hive beetles. Those buggers can get into their hive and really screw things up for the bee's, so they'll jet if thats the case as well.

I watched, in awe, as about 3/4 of the hive poured out of its tiny little door and clouded around their hive. I knew at this point there was nothing I could do. They were fast and furious and I could only stand way back and watch. I read alot about swarming, and scoffed at my bee teachers when that was the only subject they focused on. I scoffed cause I thought, "well if you do everything right why would the bee's swarm?" "Why are we SO worried about it?" "And hey! Isn't it the bee's natural instinct TO swarm?" "I mean Its a good thing for bee's to swarm right?" "Save the honey bee's!?" Well here they are saving themselves and starting a new colony in the open wilderness! Shouldn't I cheer them on!?

All these things came rushing to my head.........  "Don't be sad Lauren.....the bee's are saving themselves!" "Don't worry about the hive- there is nothing you can do now and this will be one more colony out in the woods!" I was trying to keep my spirits up when my thoughts turned to...."but all that love and care...." "All that time invested..." "All that time thinking I was doing everything good and right for the bee's....." "All that money spent on them!"

Then I heard it-

It was the sound of a freight train running over a industrial ac unit.

I thought the bee's had hit the ground. I was ankle deep in grass (actually green colored weeds) and I thought "Oh crap!" (again) I'm gonna tiptoe through the tulips here---- and bee's! (ya even though I play with hundreds of thousands of bee's for fun, I don't like being stung.)

I put my head to the ground to look and listen. Harlem was still at my side at this point and she was doing the same......when it occurred to me to "look up."

While still bent over, I tilted my head ( for those that know me- as best as I could) and looked upward. I was in perfect position to see a bucket of bee's in clump form about fourty feet up in a tree limb. There's the swarm. Crowding themselves together- waiting for the queen to give direction, and in all its glory. It took me a second to realize what to do. It took me by great surprise that even though I knew what was happening and I knew that THIS was their next step after clouding up the place, I still couldn't get over what I was seeing.  Joking aside (again) it was one of the most beautiful, amazing, sad, happy, and terrifying things that I have seen. Here I was watching nature in its raw state. I might never see anything like this again. It was, as I said, terrifyingly beautiful. It was a pretty cool metaphor for me though, if you don't mind me explaining....

Here was this amazing site- that when I looked at it I wanted to cry out in awe, and amazement. I wanted to cry for what I had done them wrong and at the same time cry because I was happy for having them. The noise coming from them was nothing I have ever heard. I wanted to look but turn away my head because it almost hurt my eyes to watch. They gave only sweetness and it was mine to indulge in. I wanted to touch them- but I couldn't reach. I wanted to put them back into my simple, safe spot- but they were their own force. And as much as I thought I understood them- they still had mysteries yet to reveal. It was a site that could bring me to my knees and make me jump at the same time.  Yet again, the bee's were showing me God........


So swarms are scary right? They will attack you if they see you right?
Now before I go filling your head with swarm nightmares, let me clear the air (chuckle chuckle)

A swarm- is in fact- the MOST docile you will ever see honeybee's. If I could reach the swarm I could literally shake the limb of bee's into a bucket, and dump that bucket into a new hive. If the queen is with them- she is their main concern. They are at their most vunerable, and they have no honeystores around them to protect. They are defenseless and looking for a home. If you ever see a swarm in your yard, cheer them on and watch. I don't suggest punching them to see what they would do- but don't panic and think that they will form an arrow shape and chase you around the yard until you find a pond to jump into.......

I ran into the house and woke up David- he HAD to see this.  I can imagine what it must be like to have your spouse run into the bedroom in near tears yelling "The bee's have swarmed."  I swore he was awake already, but in fact- he wasn't.........until I yelled. David has great patience for me:)

By the time David came out I was on the phone calling my bee mentor.  What a good mentor to take my panic call (at 8am) and gently walk me through this. At this point it was about fifteen minutes after watching them pour out and form a clump in the tree and my mind was already nasueous with the thoughts of failure.  My bee keeping mentor was helping me with my next step options, and reasons for the swarm when I stopped him-

The noise was incredible again and I got close to the hive. The hive was clouded with bees and I couldn't quite see the swarm clump in the tree. I asked my mentor if it was possible that the rest of the hive was coming out but then I realized- they were going back in!!!!!

What a site!!!!- the entire swarm was (within half hours time) POURING back INTO  the hive!  They did it! They came back! WHOOOHOOOO! But wait a minute- what did this mean?!?!?!

I could continue to go into what I think being immense detail but I'll spare you those "shop talk," ideas, and stick with the basics- It seems as if the bee's swarmed, and when they got out onto the limb the realized their queen wasn't with them. You see I am the one that knows her wings are clipped. She in all her royalty, cannot fly. They swarmed hoping she would come, and she remained, in house.

Since they realized that she wasn't there- they poured back into the hive. No queen to give direction- no swarmy, swarmy. But this in no way shape or form, meant that all was well. They had swarming on their mind and for some reason I had yet to find out. They would do it again before the summer was up.

I immediately went in the hive and found out that they had some swarm cells going on. Swarm cells are queen cells. You see, the house bee's will feed certain cells a diet of royal jelly creating the egg to become a queen bee. She will grow larger and having the ability to mate and become fertile. The bee's will do this on a random and somewhat normal basis to create queen that will fly off and do her thing. But they will also do this, in hopes and aspirations of swarming with and when the new queen emerges.

I looked around the hive- these gals had PLENTY of space.  I think the problem was- is that they just didn't know it. They had one honey super that was completely empty and about three frames in the brood super that were empty.  It seems that these gals were determined to use only half the frames given. There were bee's galore, and all of them sitting around doing nothing.

So ok- I did give them room.  Phew. There was just ALOT of bee's and they didn't know they had the room. I admit defeat on this one. I should have been more aware of their mentality and comb building desires, but hey- let me tell you- I'm aware now.

The bee's were healthy and no signs of any mites, or wax moths, or hive beetles screwing things up. So thats was great news. Now it was just a matter of time to get this hive split and trick this force of nature into thinking that they indeed had swarmed...........

Next chapter- "You didn't knock did you?!"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear Readers,

So today is a day at work.

Lemonade energy drink in hand,
Dean Martin, Jack White, and Dropkicks on the radio
Sun blarin
Bee's buzzing
and God's creation all around.

This is the second week "at the office," selling "the duce." ( our stand is open for the second week and we are selling produce.) And its been both awesome and hard.

Awesome because it brings back some really great memories of my Grandmothers raspberry stand, and her farming background.

....let me chat a little about this if you don't mind;

My Grandmother was the quintesenssial grandmother.  She had a sweet, gentle disposition, long silvery hair that she wore in a french twist everyday, she had a endearing smile, she wore long skirts year round, and she had a joyful laugh that would make her eyes and nose krinkle. She always had a door open for me and my brother, and she never came over to our house empty handed.  She loved my Mother fiercely.

I'm sure most of you can talk about your grandmothers in a special way, and I'm positive that your grandmothers our special.....but there was just something about my grandmother that was different. Always as if she just knew a little bit something more than she could tell you- as if she was walking closely with God daily. I'm not sure I can pinpoint it, but I do know one day when I see her again I will understand what that specialness just really was.

My Memere ( as what we called her because she was French- her family migrated down from Canada as loggers and farmers) was a very hard worker.  She grew up in a deaf family as a hearing child. Her Mother was deaf and her Father was hearing so she learned sign language at a very young age.  Her Father had alot of land that he farmed for his family as well as for produce sales. One thing that he farmed very well though, was raspberries.

When we were kids my Memere had some of those raspberry plants that were her Father's, and she herself maintained a patch of them.  She would pick them at their ripest (In Mass around July) and sell them for 2 dollars a pint.  They were the prettiest raspberries I have yet to see.  I may be partial to them but I can clearly remember her customers exclaiming that they were the best raspberries they've ever had as well.  My grandmother would sell them at the end of her front yard on a little table and she would get my brother and I to sit out there and collect the monies for her, while she and my Mother would be in the raspberry patch picking.  As kids it was pretty boring sitting in the blaring, summer sun and I could think of many lakes I would have rather have been swimming in those hot days. But what she would do with that money is spend it on us.  We never asked her to do this she just would. My grandmother would take us out for ice creams. Spend on kites that we wanted when we went to the beach.  Save it for Christmas gifts. Try to give us money to put in our  pockets before we went home.  She never once thought that she would take what she earned and buy herself something nice. She was just like that.  (I can remember one summer me and her were going to go cross country by train to visit family in Oregon.  I was thrilled that she asked me to go with her. It was going to take us five days to venture across our country. I was fifteen and I was going to see our entire U.S. I was actually beyond thrilled. When me and her started our travels she took out a big wad of cash. It was all the money she made from selling raspberries the month before, and she was determined to spend that on me while we traveled.  As I type all this I get teary eyed recalling her selflessness.  I miss her much but I am confident that I will hug her again) Looking back on those memories and my attitude as a child I wish I could go back and change it. I know that I would appreciate all the Memere was teaching me so much more, and I wouldn't be thinking about lakes.

So back to why I think that "this," work at a farm stand is awesome?  
Here's why; I get to be a kid again- selling raspberries with my Grandmother. I get to enjoy what my Grandmother never took advantage of.....

Its being outside and breathing.

 Its about not worrying about stock markets, housing lenders, calamity of all levels, famous people and their drug problems, religious warfare, and how the worlds gonna go to crap if we don't do a better job at picking government officials who blog about their sexcapades. 

I get to be outside viewing what God paints for us daily. I get to meet local people with their local stories. I get to sell what farmers tenderly put love into. I get to worry about how to get from point"a," to point "b," and not everything in between.  I get to practice "living simply." Its not so much about "how much money can I make," but more like, how much more could this be enjoyable? How could this "work," get better?
I don't think much.

This isn't to brag, and I pray that its not taken that way.  I wanted to make this blog not- about how "cool we are," and what a great "cook, creative, woman of the year, humble wife, and lover of all arts and crafts," kinda blog. But more like a "hey sit back and enjoy the ride, and take life's humor as it comes" kinda blog. This blog is about- "their is mud in your house and no matter how much you sweep its gonna come right back in," kinda blog. Its about honest things, like weeds in your garden and it not about painting a picture to make it look like life is something it is not.

I love life- simply put. I don't like to worry about what some other like to put their focus on. Thats not to say anything bad about people's focuses- its just to let you know that I view things differently, than maybe the person I sit next to in the T. Everyone has their own set of eyes- and everyone see's out of them differently- this is just a viewing of my sights

So whats hard about "this," work?
Much .          
....let me chat about this a little if you don't mind.

Its alot of time vested.
The hard work comes into the time you do spend on getting the produce, making the right kind of sales, selling the right kind of stuff all while;

Maintaining bee's
Maintaining a flock of fifteen, soon to be thirty.
Cleaning the house your husband works hard for
Working another part time job to provide health care
Endlessly loving the two, four legged children that love you so.
Yardwork (if you saw the yard you'd prob laugh cause you would think I haven't done any work)
more yardwork
and yardwork.

Do you view that as complaining?  Cause I can assure you that it is not. It may be hard some days but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I may be tired at the end of the day, but its a good tired.

Every time I pull into the driveway of the house I share with the ones I love so much, its as if I'm pulling into God's little taste of Heaven on earth for me.  This house, and all the work that comes with it, will always be good to me.  I look at what's around us and I know that my Savior loves us so.  It is a gift that we want to share with you.......

I thank you for hearing me out while on my soapbox, and reading some of my memories.   I appreciate the time you take to read this and share with some one else.

May your afternoon be as blessed as God intends it to be


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Wind thru your ears, and jowels.

What dogs find joy in is noteworthy.  Such a simple thing, to stick your head out the window and take in the scenery can bring utter joy.

My Peeps Await Me

While standing on m porch looking down at the posse below, I almost broke out some Eva Peron musical numbers. But figuring the chickens were just hungry for some corn- and not a musical, I spared them.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

You can never have too many extremities in buckets.

Goat Decorations.


Goat/Guerilla Warfare.

While shamelessly hawking our newly opened stand- we though a nice touch would be a cute goat. It worked- at least for the ladies....
Every lady that drove by gave a big "Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

I would have done the same. This little guy is a looker:)

Happy Fahmahs!

I'm madly in love with this man.

Da Stand

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Will the new kid in the class please raise your hand?


Yes my friends it is official- we are actually open.

Our previous goal date for opening was Memorial Day Weekend, but as we usually do - we did us - and showed up to our own event fashionably late......
ok, ok, so we more or less had much more work than we realized to do to open, and it pushed back our goal date more and more, day by day. But friends please apease me and let me just think that we were being fashionable.

So on Friday we went to the farmers auction in Southern Maryland ( for this Bostonian it was deep south because Maryland is the south already so to go even further south was pretty intense and when I talk about things that get me going I like to use run on sentences for the effect.)
Anyways- we used the oppurtunity for a date day.  My husband David already owns his own business and he works his butt off on a daily basis. My "corporate," job has me working some nights and on Saturday days, so the days or nights that we get to spend time together are really special. This day being one of the best. The day consisted of us waking up early- actually wicked early, 6 am. ( ......I admit it- I think that early is 8 am- but hey we stay up late watching Modern Marvels and Pawn Stars. Plus the only kids we have right now have four legs and they rarely cry for food or need to be changed. So bed time for us is around 2am.----does that make us any cooler?)
Anyways- we drive to Southern, Southern Maryland to the farmers auction run by the Amish.  (I use the pretense "The," cause I don't quite know how to refer to and Amish person in really any other way.)  The place was awesome-
Its a big open pole barn ( things you get excited about) and on one side they had the "big lot," auction happening.  This is where you have sweet little Amish children hauling in their 30 cases of onions and other such beautiful produce on horse drawn wagons and people start the bidding war.  It continues with a "you name it produce,"  for about four hours.  No one walks away empty handed unless you didn't bid.  On the other side is the "small lot auction."  This is where we were.

How it works is like this;
You are given a number. We happened to be 2000.  You stand amoungst a group of people- ( mostly old timers) and when the auctioneer starts auctioning 3 flats of cucumbers or any given produce that you are interested in you bid.  The fun begins when you wait and watch to see how low you can get a flat of veggies for, and when you do win them there is a sense of accomplishment.  There are plenty to go around though- so there is no stress if you don't get that first flat of cucs or tomatoes.

As for the actual bidding I was expecting more aggression and higher bids. But because produce is plentiful right now and most is in peak season there is no aggresion in the atmosphere. Now mind you that might all change the more we go to these and the more we become accustomed to how they work.

The Amish themselves were a very kind, sweet, polite bunch and most willing to help. The auctioneer himself came over at the end and introduced himself and chatted for awhile.  There is something very admirable about these people and their stance on faith.  Whereas I could never think about letting go of the creature comforts we have here on earth they could never think of owning them. Their open nature about their love for God was a good reminder of what we should be like.  There is something about the simplicity in which they live that makes me feel happy for them.  There is nothing to boggle them down or distract them from the Love of God. Their hands are in the dirt, their clothes are handmade, their neighbors are family, and their faith strong.  There is just something so admirable about that.

Long story short we got a boatload of produce. Set up the stand and had our first customers. Ones we didn't even know!

We honestly couldn't be more excited. We both feel its "good," work and that this could be a healthy "job."

The pics are to follow and I apologize for having to send them one by one. Our ipod cables are missing and I am unable to charge the thing leaving me to take pics with my phone. I will post them one by one and hopefully you won't mind my old fashion way about being bloggerific. Ask away any questions- I'll be happy to answer!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brought to you in part by

As I sit here trying my hardest to think of a witty comment to go with this picture, I've come to a conclusion.  There is no witty comment.  

I'm learning as we babysit goats that they speak for themselves when it comes to witty comments.  They also speak for themselves in what lawn ornaments they care to eat. They speak for themselves as to whether or not they want to be tethered up. They speak for themselves  when it comes to getting off the porch...railings. And they speak for themselves when it comes to charming me:)

The Andrew Sister Chickens

I love to sing-a
About the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a,
I love to sing-a,
About a sky of blue-a, or a tea for two-a,
Anything-a with a swing-a to an "I love you-a,"
I love to, I love to sing!

Give me a song-a
About a son-a gun that went and done her wrong-a.
But keep it clean-a,
With a cottage small-a by a waterfall-a,
Any sob-a that will throb-a to a bluebird's call-a,
I love, I love to sing!

I was born a singin' fool-a,
Ol' Major Bowes is gonna spot me,
Got through Yale with boula-boula,
Old microphone's got me!

I love to sing-a,
I love to wake up with the south-a in my mouth-a,
And wave a flag-a,
With a cheer for Uncle Sammy and another for my mammy,
I love to sing!

The swingin'est,
Hot singin'est,
Song singin'est
High tootin'est,
Sky tootin'est,
I love to sing!

Monday, July 4, 2011

On behalf of all residing at Glory Downs, and this poodle of sort Walmart T-shirt puppy, Happy Fourth of July!!!

Its been a bit since I've last posted and all has been busy:)

I had family come in this weekend and a surprise visit from a best friend from back home. Its been bliss.... <3

We have, for the last week prepared for a Fourth of July party, that include a pig roast, a great live band, and a moonbounce for the kiddies (and parents for that matter) It was probably the biggest party that we threw. At one time- a friend counted at least two hundred people and about 60 cars in our front and side yard.  My husband, Fantastic Mr. Fox worked his tail off preparing for the yard to look good and he got some help from some friends for set up of tents and other suches.  Everyone who came brought food and we had more than we could handle. Its time like this that I feel so very blessed to be surrounded by such open, warm, loving, and fun going friends....

I want to send out a thankyou to all who came and made this possible. Its great to be able to have a house to open, and have people like you come. Its times like these, and parties like this, that make me feel as though God gives us a little taste of what Heaven will be like. To know that we are surrounded by friends like you make us feel like we have won the lottery. You all warm our hearts and our lives, and we thank God for you all being in this life together with us here on earth. We heart you a wicked lot!