Glory Downs Farm

Glory Downs Farm

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last one in is a rotten egg!

Or twenty eight or so........

Since we free range all our hens we suspect to lose a couple eggs here or there.   Hens get creative when they feel the call of nature, when they are...well.. Out in the nature.  Maybe an egg under a bramble of brush.   Maybe two or three under the tractor.  Maybe an entire clutch of them rotting under our porch.

So I knew a couple gals would head under the porch to lay.  I caught on when two of the gals came out announcing they had just laid an egg. (Yes hens do that and sometimes mr. Roo joins in). So knowing that they were getting the call to lay under the porch I got creative myself.   The moment I would see them head under, I was prepared to get them out with a bucket of water.  You see the went under the porch. I'd throw water down threw the cracks until they came out.

But the hens won.

They managed  to lay this large clutch.  And then the heat, and humity managed to rot them.

So no longer able to take the smell as we walked out the door.  I crawled under the porch and pulled each egg out one by one trying my hardest not to even put the slightest crack in one for fear of it exploding in my face.

Luckily none exploded, but the ones that were so far gone, and full of maggots happened to disintegrate in my hands.

Yup.  Maggots.

The things you do, that you never could have imagined yourself doing.

What did I do with the rest of the rotten eggs? 

Well throw them at some trees in the woods to watch them burst! 

Come on......that was fun.

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