Glory Downs Farm

Glory Downs Farm

Sunday, July 21, 2013

There's a monster outside my room, can I have a glass of water?

"All right, listen, we both go outside, move around the house in opposite directions. We act crazy, insane with anger, make them crap in their pants, force them around till we meet up on the other side."

You ever see that movie "Signs?"

It scared the piss out of me.
I do still, and always had an (as I like to call it)  "natural fear," of aliens

Go ahead laugh.
But they are flipping scary to me.

So back when the movie "Signs,' came out I of course, had to feed into this alien fear of mine by seeing the it.

Naturally my fear held strong, thru the entire movie, and ride home.  Maybe I cried.  Maybe I emotionally ate my popcorn.  Maybe I hid my face in the sticky movie theater seat.  Maybe did all three of these things at once. But as I left the theater I packed up the fear and carried it home. Driving back home was a good distraction from the scenes I had just witnessed BUT as I approached closer to my sweet comfort of home (which happened to be down the street from a couple of corn fields) I realized that the power had gone out throughout the street.   This meant I had to walk into my dark house, dark room, and try to sleep without darkly thinking about aliens running around on the roof above me.

I'll never forget the noise they made.

Like raccoons.


Or how bout their footsteps?
The aliens had these long clawed feet that made a slight scratching sound.  I remember seeing  the foot shadows slide out from the crack where the door meets the floor, as they walk past.  

You could hear them run across the roof.

So what did Mel do in this alien invasion?

Well he brought his family to the cellar of course!

And it was in those scenes as the alien feet above scratched the floorboards of their home, that my fear of "anything pertaining to outer space with a large oval head," was scratched into my being.  My human. being.

Skip to today.

I'm in our cellar.

The bulkhead is closed (don't know what that is?  There ya go cityfolk.)

and then I hear it.

the scratching footsteps.

it runs across the metal bulkhead.

I freeze.

Turn my head.


its aliens.

and I see the shadows.  The feet. The sunlight that's peaking thru the crack of the bulkhead door, getting interrupted by scratchy, claw-ee, chattering feet.


I in my frozen, feared state, come too.

Nope just the chickens. (and ducks)

They knew I was where the food was so they were waiting outside for their handout.

no alien encounters today.  And I consider that good for two reasons.

One being that, and alien encounter would probably cause my arms to fall off or something dramatic like that because of the fear.  And having my arms fall off wouldn't be good.

and Two, being that I don't know if the beautiful state of Maryland would recognize aliens as livestock, nor would I have the slightest idea of what to feed the critters.  

I'll stick with feathered livestock that enjoy water;)

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